In Our Community 

Discover the extraordinary support and powerful allies at the heart of the She Beasts community! Here, a network of like-minded individuals come together, each contributing their unique strengths and perspectives to create a formidable force for empowerment and change. 

This is more than just a community; it's a vibrant tapestry of shared values, mutual respect, and unwavering support.

 Get involved as we continue to grow and thrive together, united in our mission to uplift and inspire.

Fantastic Funding - Sport England

"Uniting the Movement is Sport England’s ten-year vision to transform lives through sport and activity, and I am pleased to say that through our Active Together Fund we have pledged £4000 to She Beasts so they can grow and continue to uplift the lives of people in Birmingham. The support She Beast’s Crowdfunder is receiving is testament to their important work in the city continuing to bring the power of movement and well-being to women in Birmingham." – Sport England



Clare & Alice - Inflatable 5K

Clare & Alice, two dedicated members of our She Beasts community, are embarking on an exhilarating journey by participating in the Inflatable 5K challenge.

Their commitment to this endeavor reflects the spirit of unity and empowerment within She Beasts. 

By tackling this challenge together, Clare & Alice are not only pushing their own limits but also amplifying our collective voice for change.

Sadias Beauty Lounge - Outstanding Contribution

Sadia played a pivotal role in the success of the "Teach a Female to Fish" crowdfunding campaign, making substantial contributions and actively supporting its achievements. Thanks to this campaign's success, we are now able to offer accredited Level 3 personal training diplomas, providing a comprehensive solution for trauma recovery from start to finish. This achievement is invaluable in our mission to empower and support individuals through their healing journey. 

Here's what Sadia had to say

“It was an absolute pleasure to support the She Beasts crowdfund. I heard about She Beasts through Terri, whose life was transformed through them. I saw what they did and saw how someone's life had changed for the better. This was all I needed to show my support. I would support them again and urge others to do the same. I have very high hopes for She Beasts and have every faith in the organisation's future.”

Craig - Half Marathon 

Craig, an unwavering and passionate male ally of the She Beasts community, by running a challenging half marathon. 

Craig not only raised vital funds but also raised awareness about the importance of gender equality and empowerment. His actions speak volumes about the kind of ally he is—an ally who stands strong alongside She Beasts, advocating for change and making a tangible difference in the lives of many.

Stuart - Outstanding contribution

We are incredibly grateful for the generous donation from our first corporate sponsor towards our Crowd Fund. Their support demonstrates a commitment to empowering females with diplomas, bridging gaps, and instilling confidence for a transformative journey. Special thanks to Stuart Colligan of Auxesia Limited for believing in our mission.

Here's what Stuart had to say

“Businesses and their owners benefit from their environments, access to great employees and their happiness in their jobs, people buying their goods and services, and all this comes from the wider community.  So, I think it is important that businesses support community projects with time and money, as it should be a symbiotic relationship…  Sometimes my interest is driven by the cause, and sometimes by the inspirational person behind the cause.  In the case of She Beasts, it was both.

I had not before come across a venture that so cleverly combined both the support for individuals who have been subject to horrific suffering with creating for those same individuals a route of self-improvement that should set them up for the future.  Then, of course, Sadie's passion, drive and her journey is so inspirational.”



Babz - Selfless Support 

"I'm very big on I'm very big on giving back to my local community by either being there to help physically or giving by finances as it's for a good course. Fitness has been a life changing thing for me. I, too, have been in an abusive relationship when I was younger, and fitness was one of the things that saved my life. So shebeast is something I feel that touches women at the core because a lot of us have gone through the same and have come out the other end. I feel that Fitness can give the ladies you work with a way out and also give them the lifestyle change they need for themselves. I give fitness classes to the elderly and some students in a school I work with. I feel we are needed in our communities to make the changes possible in people's lives. We're all giving back in our own ways, and supporting each other as women will always be something I do behind the scenes. SheBeast is amazing! You are valued and needed! You're inspiring more people than you know. Including myself."

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